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Cemetery Cities of the Dead, Voodoo legends and haunted locations draw as many tourists to New Orleans as the stylized Creole architecture, easy lifestyle, and great music. And a hungry traveler knows New Orleans is a treat destination offering fantastic and legendary dining opportunities to its visitors! Most restaurants stay open late, well past the Witching Hour and a delightful culinary experience can easily turn into a haunted dining pleasures! Elegant to casual the choice of dining is yours and famous restaurants and watering holes are spread across the entire city: Many are purported to be haunted by spirits of the dead, and some say the undead.

The nightlife of world famous Bourbon Street can be filled with dark shadows of ghostly figures and ghoulish delights. Bourbon Street will spark your interest with a myriad of bars and people-watching opportunities that are sure to raise an eyebrow. Catch a long hard glance at what might be called the only adult-theme amusement park in the United States. With X rated entertainment, souvenir shops, and adult the med gift shops “The City That Care Forgot" and it happily lives up to its decedent reputation! Spirits of the dead are said to mingle with the living here at many local night spots. Some tourists and many locals can not account for strange images in "Ghostly Photos" they have taken but one thing is certain: The Crescent City’s most famous street is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and spirits of all kinds are said to flow freely!

New Orleans is known for burlesque, bands and bohemian lifestyles and all are part of the normal routine. The city has many historical and haunted walking tours of the French Quarter (HAUNTED BY THE DEVIL BABY GHOST OF BOURBON STREET.), the Garden District and other areas. These tours will put you in touch with the City's long, rich history and exquisite architecture. You will see the bold and dramatic wrought iron balconies draped in ferns entangled with the iron lacework, an effect not unlike the hanging gardens of Babylon. This is one coveted treasure to capture on film: photograph the exquisite New Orleans balconies and you might just capture a ghost or two for your own personal memento. Many locations that playing an important part in the early history of our nation can be visited on these tours and most of these places are definitely haunted! These are the type of old houses filled with New Orleans charm that you would expect to be haunted. It's hard to imagine ghosts or haunted places in a location like Rocky Point Rentals on a sun-drenched beach in Mexico, but these New Orleans houses certainly fit the bill!

No visit is complete with out a stroll down Royal Street with its antique shops, and truly one of kind gift shops. The street is lined with art galleries, curio shops and private homes many of which have a reputation for being haunted. Historic Royal Street adds the charm of supernatural magic to your visit that will make your visit even more memorable. Nearby are Jackson Square, the Cabildo, the Presbetyre, and the majesty of St Louis Cathedral. The French Market, where farmers and fishermen have been plying their trade for centuries, is just a few blocks away as is the famous Cafe Du Monde with its coffee and beignets, the Old U.S. Mint, and the Moonwalk , the elevated walkway along the Mississippi River Levee with its spectacular view of the City, the River, and haunted Old Algiers: All these lend their charm as part of this great vista, with opportunities for fond memories and ghostly encounters at practically every turn. Like the famous song, “Do You Know what it Means, To Miss New Orleans?” you will quickly learn how hard it is to leave the Crescent City, and understand why some – living AND dead – never have!

Tours of New Orleans’ Famous Cemeteries bring to you the stark reality of the legendary "Cities of the Dead." Over ninety percent of all New Orleans burials are still above ground whether in wall vaults, or large-scale family tombs and crypts, the old tradition is still active today. These necropolis are not to be missed, but definitely do not miss a visit to the most famous tomb in the entire city: The very haunted last resting place of Marie Laveau the Famous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans! Her tomb is located in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and it is said that her very own Secret Voodoo Society still exists today, visiting the spot regularly. Devoted followers treat her tomb as a shrine and on any given day a visitor can find many totems, fetishes, candles, and other gris-gris left in honor of the powerful Voodoo Queen. It is rumored that if you visit near the middle of June you might witness a ritual in her honor at the graveside. Another famous ritual to honor Marie Laveau is held each year on the banks of Bayou St. John in the Mid-City area. Followers attend dressed in white and bring offerings of flowers and hair ornaments to the legendary mighty Mambo of New Orleans Voodoo legend.

If you visit the tomb of Marie Laveau remember this great Haunted New Orleans Voodoo Wish Spell:

Knock three times to call her spirit. Make your wish and turn around three times in a clockwise direction and knock three times on the tomb again. Always leave some kind of offering – Marie Laveau is especially fond of hair ornaments but anything, from a coin, a flower, to a piece of candy, even Mardi Gras beads, will do. Also look near her tomb for the most valued masterpiece of purported ritual hex items, the Sacred Marie Laveau Voodoo Monkey and Cock. These fetishes are often left at her graveside and are a very lucky find!
The Uptown Garden District is filled with the fabled and sometimes forgotten history of old New Orleans. The stunning mansions line St. Charles Avenue with a beauty of years gone by while classic street cars travel the St. Charles Avenue stretch of neutral ground. A ride on one of these famous street cars is a definite on anyone’s list of things to do in Haunted New Orleans and is the best way to view the grandeur of the old homes. This is the area of the city made famous by the novels of Anne Rice whose own home is just blocks off the famous Avenue, on First Street. Experience the area that breathed life into the infamous vampire Lestat and served as the backdrop to the exploits of the Rice’s famous Mayfair Witches. It seems almost anyone can be inspired by the grandeur and history that is Uptown New Orleans. But be careful! You might just pick that haunted streetcar to ride in, or perhaps you will see the ghost couple waiting for their bus near Napoleon Avenue! Not only this, St. Charles Avenue is part of the traditional route of all the old line Mardi Gras parades.

New Orleans is a treasure trove for paranormal enthusiasts and offers something for everyone among the many tours available including the ever-popular Haunted History Tours, Ghost Tours, Haunted Vampire and Voodoo Tours, and historic walking tours. There are tours of the River Road and Plantations where you may encounter the Black Lady of Oak Alley or the ghosts of Destrehan or Houmas House. And let’s not forget the outlying areas from which New Orleans gets much of its rich, dark history filled with legends of the famous Loup Garou and encounters with the sasquatch-like creature haunting the Honey Island Swamp. You can experience these areas fist hand on any of the popular Swamp and Airboat Tours and boat tours of the Honey Island Swamp.

Pirates are part of these swamp legends too, and you can visit the dark, moss hung bayous where Jean Lafitte is said to have buried his treasure with ghostly guardians protecting it throughout eternity. Perhaps you may glimpse some of the deep glades and islands where swamp Voodoo Queens and Witches danced around fires in the dark, hot Louisiana nights. Zombies and ghouls are said to share the deep swamp shadows with alligators and snakes.

New Orleans truly offers a colorful pallet full of history and legend to all who visit here. Whether it is culture, cuisine, music or history, or a taste of the truly paranormal that brings you here, Haunted New Orleans Tours can help you tour it now and plan ahead for your own unique adventure in the City That Care Forgot. With our help, your visit will be something quite out of the ordinary. Haunted New Orleans Tours prides itself on sending the curious off the beaten path, so be sure to explore everything we have to offer. Check our site to find hotels, tours, and travel packages designed especially for the paranormal enthusiast – whether you plan to visit in person or safely from your armchair at home! New Orleans is also ranked as the 10th top U.S. destination as well as, the 3rd most popular city for destination weddings & elopements.


One student and his girlfriend, thinking the little wooded road a good place to get cozy for a night out, pulled into Grunch Road out of sight of the main highway and turned off their headlights. With only the glow of the radio providing light, the two teens went quickly to work on their own particular "night moves."
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It began to surface slowly, as people came back in twos and threes to live in the French Quarter, the beating heart of a city that had been abandoned to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina; and it was not among the locals that the talk began.

“Oh, I just saw the most realistic voodoo man!” said the FEMA worker to a group of her other friends inside Pat O’Brien’s main bar. These days it isn’t uncommon to see New Orleans bars brimming with FEMA and other recovery and reconstruction personnel. With the lack of tourists, these have been the main customers in the once busy bars and clubs that are bringing the Quarter back to life.
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Hurricane Katrina Real Ghosts Haunt Guardsmen

It began to surface slowly, as people came back in twos and threes to live in the French Quarter, the beating heart of a city that had been abandoned to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina; and it was not among the locals that the talk began.

“Oh, I just saw the most realistic voodoo man!” said the FEMA worker to a group of her other friends inside Pat O’Brien’s main bar. These days it isn’t uncommon to see New Orleans bars brimming with FEMA and other recovery and reconstruction personnel. With the lack of tourists, these have been the main customers in the once busy bars and clubs that are bringing the Quarter back to life.
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For a few years, the fact that such a monstrous being was kept in the heart of the French Quarter was the subject of continuous gossip. The pitiful and chilling wails were not of this earth, and whenever the rain would fall, it seemed, the baby would moan and howl incessantly, to the great disturbance of French Quarter residents.
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Our ever growing list of New Orleans, Louisiana Haunted Hotels can help you find a place to stay where, hauntings, specters, Voodoo cursed Zombies, Vampires and ghosts are said to be more then just rumored to be mingling amongst the guests.
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The Most Haunted Bars in New Orleans

The next time you’re in one of the great Old French Quarter bars looking for spirits, consider having a drink in a location famous for spirits of a different kind!

According to some locals, the following are the Most Haunted Bars in New Orleans and are among the best places for possible encounters with the unseen.
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The first of the renowned City Park golf courses opened in 1902 and many times over the years these beautiful courses have won distinction as some of the most picturesque to be found anywhere in the world.

If recent reports are true, the City Park golf courses may be offering up more than great golfing: They may also be among the most haunted in the world.
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The tales of haunted New Orleans bus stops, buggies, cabs and buses can take the average tourist on an unplanned adventure into the paranormal side of Haunted New Orleans!
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The Ghosts of New Orleans reported Haunted Houses comtinue to grow to this day. read their haunted history here. Lauarie House, The Sultans Place, Griffin House, and more.
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Many people have returned to New Orleans and many are now taking pictures of home streets and what was once familiar to them, and many are capturing what they think to be real ghosts and spirits in these reported reported ghost photos in the Big Easy.

Your New Orleans ghost photo submissions.
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My investigation of New Orleans haunting's has over the past 17 years included not just haunted houses, Haunted Cemeteries and Haunted public buildings. It also includes what I know will classify as The"#1 MOST HAUNTED PARADE IN AMERICA".

Through my own personal private investigation, and that of other Paranormal Investigators, I have discovered that this New Orleans parade at Mardi Gras, The Krewe Of Mid City designed by New Orleans Artist Ricardo Pustanio seems to attract tourist from beyond the grave.
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“The Bone Pile”

Throughout the world there are many, varied and curious ways of disposing of the dead. In the mountains of Abyssinia is a people who believe a man should be buried where he dies without pomp or ceremony; neither should the remains be moved from the exact site of death one foot more than is necessary.

This practice is thousands of miles away; let us come to our own country, and in New Orleans we find another queer, unique mode of burial. In order to more clearly understand this mode of burial, we should first know something of her cemeteries, which are more than thirty in number.

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With 200 years of ghostly legends involving Voodoo curses, Spanish moss-draped oaks encircling duels, cold-blooded murders, stories of Revolutionary War-era Pirates, Civil War soldiers, and Jazz, New Orleans has earned a serious reputation as one of America’s most haunted cities.

Haunted New Orleans Tours is the most popular tourist site to have your virtual brush with the Supernatural! But there is more to Haunted New Orleans than just the spine-tingling locales: A visit to Haunted New Orleans is an experience you will never forget!





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